Making art and good vibes in Silverthorne, CO.

I'm Ingrid Davis!!! I go by Kiki and I'm the maker, designer and artist behind Simple Art Studio. I'm from Guatemala and I moved to the mountains in 2018 to get to live with two of my three dogs Rex&Akaya and my wild wild husband Derrick. 


My Husband and I founded the studio in 2021 as a way to get through depression and create stuff together. We managed to make a little studio corner in our small apartment, at the base of Peak 10 in Breckenridge, Colorado. From there I draft some ideas, design, handcraft and produce small batches of my art, clothing and goods. Derrick is a carpenter and he mostly helps me with woodwork projects and big scale art.

I love sweet bread, milk, swimming, ride my bicycle while collecting flowers and pictures, and not last I am always creating something with my hands like sewing, painting, drawing, sculpting, block printing and jewelry (I'm always on the hunt to learn more and create) Derrick can't stay still and he is the outdoors lover, bike, hike, skateboard, snowboard, he loves popsicles, video games, collecting flowers for me and spend family time, he is a self-taught person, is the one encouraging every step we take and the problem solving piece.

Family is our motivation and our purpose behind Simple Art Studio. We are a multicultural family and we always try to be an inclusive reflection of our beliefs and culture. For Simple Art Studio we took inspiration from nature, culture and lots of colors. We are always on the hunt for spiritual growth, making art and spreading love and good vibes.